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Play In, Play Out, Play Between – the Exchange of Ideas as Mural Makers. … Therefore, it became clear to us that we needed to have our own space. After some thought and talking, we decided that since we have a common passion for the arts that we should bring this joy together. We want to do our best to showcase the arts by sharing our knowledge and experience with the local community. Watch video · The Exchange of Ideas as Mural Makers. What’s New; The Exchange of Ideas as Mural Makers. Share in Your Community One of the first things I noticed on my first trip to Singapore was the lack of decent english on the walls. I was wandering down the street and noticed several murals and walls showcasing some really interesting artwork. Some of the murals were pretty crude. After a few days and exploring the different art shops in the area, I stumbled upon the Exchange of Ideas shop. They had a plethora of art that was actually pretty decent. In addition to that, the art was available for purchase. Not only that, but they had a store next to it that had affordable items, comics, books, and stickers. It was a real eye opener. Not only was the art good but they actually had everything that a “typical” western gallery and shop had too. They have a lot of different mural types. Mural types that I am unfamiliar with because I have never seen one in the US. They have eco-mural art, poster art, painting art, etc. They also have artist’s info and a Q&A section to educate you on the artist and how they work. I also loved that they actually had a section in their shop for children. For young children, they have a section that showcases both traditional art and other innovative forms of art. I found a great deal of peace and comfort looking at the art. On top of that, they have a different theme every month. Like many shops, they would showcase different artwork based on the theme of the month. For March, they showcased Green art. Although I thought it was a bit of a waste, I think it actually fit the theme of the month really well. In addition to the wall art, the shop also had a couple of nice, modern sculptures. They also had a section of books that were very well priced. I ended up purchasing a nice paperback book that I thought was worth buying.




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HD Online Player (FULL Digital Anarchy Samurai Sharpen) Latest
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